For All Your Stone Care Needs
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For All Your Stone Care Needs
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Century Stone Surface Protection

We clean, polish, restore, and seal all natural stone, concrete, tile and grout, floors and surfaces.

Century Stone is warrantied to protect approved surfaces from all chemical acid and alkaline etching; including staining from wine, soda, fruit juices, and other liquids heat resistant self-healing from scratches. It will maintain its distortion free appearance without discoloration. Protected surfaces will not stain or etch for as long as product is installed on surface.

Is warrantied not to blister, bubble or delaminate from the protected approved surface. Interactive adhesive system and proprietary installation system does not peel. Warranty does not cover intentional peeling of product.

Industrial strength scratch-resistant coating is designed to resist normal surface abrasions. However, this warranty is null and void if the product is subjected to improper care or abuse such as cutting or other acts of vandalism. (All products can be scratched including normal replacement times will be determined by the client’s use and care.)

High tech polyester may be washed with common counter top washing solutions, including ammonia-based products. Abrasive type cleaning agents (powders etc.) and bristle brushes, which would scratch the film, must NOT be used and will void the warranty. Synthetic sponges, squeegees, or soft cloths should be used with the cleaning solution. Using a microfiber towel is highly recommended.

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