For All Your Stone Care Needs
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For All Your Stone Care Needs
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Marble Polishing, Repair and Restoration

Restoring Marble and Limestone for more than 15 years, CENTURY STONE, is the largest and one of the most experienced stone restoration and maintenance companies in the state.

Having restored thousands of homes and maintaining numerous local hotels and office building, we understand and excel at marble floor restoration, marble repair and marble care.

CENTURY STONE can clean, polish, maintain, restore and protect your marble and limestone, leaving you with floors and surfaces that reflect your standards. We can resolve any issues that you may have…


Your marble has lost its shine and luster. Imagine it refinished to its original, beautiful state. Century Stone Sealing and Resurfacing can restore any marble surface that has become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped or otherwise damaged.

Unlike so many other types of surfaces, marble can be honed and polished to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath. Our highly qualified professional technicians can resolve virtually any problem you encounter.

  • Etch Removal
  • Refinishing (restoring or changing the finish)
  • Lippage Removal
  • Crack and Chip Repair
  • Sealing / Protecting
  • Stain Removal

Marble will retain its beautiful shine if it is cleaned and professionally sealed by our technitions. Our highly qualified professional technicians can perform these services for you.

Marble Finish

Whether you have or are seeking to acquire a polished / gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish our service professionals can deliver a beautifully restored marble or limestone finish.

Need to change your finish? Too dull or too shiny? Call CENTURY STONE and specify the finish you need. Have a new floor with some tiles that are higher in gloss than others? Let CENTURY STONE even out the finish for you.

Marble Grinding

Have a high tile corner? Want your marble tile floor flattened to the grout lines to facilitate cleaning? Our office can grind away the excess stone to restore a flat level surface using state-of-the art diamond grinding technology. We grind to the level and shape desired and the marble is honed and polished to the desired finish.

Marble Honing

Have dull areas associated with wear patterns, scratches, etches or spots? CENTURY STONE can hone your marble and limestone surfaces to eliminate these imperfections. The surface is then polished to your desired finish – resulting in a new marble or limestone surface free of damage.

Marble Chip and Crack Repairs

Have a chip, crack or broken marble tile? Before you replace it, consider having CENTURY STONE repair your tile in place. We can blend your repair back into the tile, and polish it back to match the finish on the rest of your marble floor, counter or other surface. As a natural product, unless you have an extra tile from the original lot installed, and even if you purchase the same tile by name from the same quarry, the quarry line may have shifted and with that so has the color. What appears to be the same will likely be noticeably different once installed, or, laid out on the floor. Have no fear, we can get your marble looking sharp again.

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